My name is Vincenzo della Vecchia, and I was born in Caserta in 1980. I work as process engineer for a big company in Turin.

The passion for the sky has been with me pretty much always, and when I joke saying that I was born with binoculars in my hand, I am not going too far from the truth. My first scope was a 2.5" Russian refractor with two fixed magnifications of 30x and 60x, with which I observed the skies from my balcony.

My love for astronomy is almost unconditional. I deal or have dealt with the history of astronomy, astrophysics, optics, astrometry and high resolution imaging of the Sun, Moon and planets.

I ve been for about 3 years Coordinator of UAI Planetary Section. I work with several astronomy magazines writing articles on various subjects.

With the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo in La Palma (Canary Islands), visited in July 2018. Those days the sky was covered by calima, i. e. the wind carrying Sahara dust