2022-2023 apparition

Colour composition of Uranus and 4 of its biggest satellites. Bright polar cap is well resolved, while no anomalies are detectable on the disc.

Technical data

30 cm Cassegrain ♦ QHY5III-200M ♦ IR Baader 685 nm

September 27, 2023

2021-2022 Apparition

Uranus imaged with a color camera, and with very light processing, shows its natural color: a pale blue, due to the absorption of methane in the red/infrared part of the spectrum.

Although it is very unlikely to highlight the bright polar cap (as happens with the most common post-processing colorized IR images), images like this give a fairly faithful idea of ​​how the planet looks through the eyepiece of medium/large sized telescopes in good seeing conditions.

Image not oriented.

Technical data

CFF Cassegrain 30 cm ♦ P1 Saturn-C

October 28, 2022